Beach Ball — Pool Service in Kansas City, MO

Pool Services

Family Sitting by Pool — Pool Service in Kansas City, MO
We do a wide variety of work on swimming pools and some work on hot tubs and spas. If you do not see the service or repair you require listed below please call us.

If we cannot help you we can refer you to one of the industry experts we know & trust.

Pool Services Include

  • Power Washing
  • Acid Rinse/Wash
  • Chlorine Wash
  • Pool Painting
  • Opening/Closing Service
  • Chlorinators/chemical Feeders
  • Mineral Purifier System
  • Chlorine Generators, Salt Systems
  • Ozonators
  • Controllers
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • New owner orientation of their equipment and operation of system
  • Motor Replacement
  • Pump Repair/Replacement
  • Heater Repair/Replacement
  • Filter Repairs/Replacement/Media Changes
  • Underwater Light Repair/Replacement
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Safety Covers, Winter Covers
  • Solar Covers
  • Scheduled Service
  • Cleaning
  • Water Quality Issues